A Nordic King

A Nordic King by Karina Halle, now you can read online.


Though there is a very lovely Danish Royal Family in real life, it must be noted that I’ve taken complete liberty in this story and all characters and situations are completely fictional. With regards to the language, while I did have a native Danish speaker go over the book, any mistakes you may find in here are mine.

Also, it may help for you to know that the “J” in Danish is pronounced like a “Y.”


Happy reading,

Karina Halle



Two Years Ago - Madeira

Everyone remembers the moment they fall in love.

That moment where seconds seem to slow down and for the first time you realize you’re not just living life but feeling it in the biggest, grandest way possible. Like you’ve been let in on a secret that the whole world has known about but you.

Maybe it’s a look, the flirty downward cast of the eyes and a sly smile after you’ve told a painfully bad joke.

It might be the moment when you’re finally vulnerable, a gaping wound of a human being, and they take you all in with open arms and without question.

Perhaps it’s wrought from you after a couple of orgasms, all that sex and pleasure culminating into something more than just physical release but a total takeover of your soul.

There is no one way to fall in love.

It may scar you, make its mark, but that fall, that impact, is different for everyone.

Yet, despite all the various ways you fall in love, there is a distinct, singular feeling in that very moment you realize that someone you love no longer loves you back.

The moment you realize the love you had is gone, having slipped through your fingers when you weren’t looking.

It doesn’t come at you fast, with a blow to the senses. It’s not a bolt of lightning striking you, or a tidal wave crashing over you, or the rug pulled out from under you.

Instead it’s slow and insidious, slinking through you like ink through water, until it permeates every inch of your soul.

It’s a shallow wound to the gut, the kind where pain takes its sweet time to arrive, where you end up on your knees, wondering why you didn’t address it sooner.

Because you thought it would go away.

By then your ruptured heart will slowly bleed you to death.

There’s only one feeling when you know you’ve lost love.

I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.