Craft by Adriana Locke, now you can read online.



Nerdy Nurse: I’m going to have to pull out.

Working the tie around my neck with one hand, I lift the phone with the other. No photo, not even a real name, just a silver-grey profile picture with a bright pink set of lips pressed into a kiss. Why this generic image representing a woman I’ve never met makes me smile, I’ll never know. But, in my thirty-some years of life, I’ve learned not to question every reaction. There’s no fun in that.

My fingers swipe across the screen, the upturn of my lips firmly in place.

Me: Isn’t that my line?

Nerdy Nurse: Very funny. Are you always so … quick?

Me: Only when excellence calls for it.

Nerdy Nurse: Now you’re making me regret this thing that came up.

My fingers stall. Hovering over the keys, I re-read her words.

This is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever done. Carrying on this little conversation-ship with Nerdy Nurse isn’t, on the surface, my idea of a good time. I downloaded this dating app to keep from having any words ending in -ship. Yet, our back-and-forth is something I look forward to. Her wit and curiosity, her intelligence, is something that I crave. Even though we make plans to meet nearly every week, one of us will inevitably cancel. I’m okay with that because it means a continuation of this little thing we have going on.

Do I want to meet her? Abso-freaking-lutely. I want to fuck her so hard, so soft, so thoroughly that she’s ruined for anyone else. Until then, I’m good with this messaging thing. Strangely.

Adjusting my cock inside my khaki’s, I grab my briefcase and head into the kitchen. The coffee pot has one last cup left in the bottom and I pour it into a travel mug before flipping off the switch.

The clock on the stove shines the time my way in a bright, red warning that I’m going to be late. With a nod that way, I place my things on the counter and pull out my phone again.

Me: I bet it’s going to be harder for me to get it down than you, if you catch my drift.

Nerdy Nurse: The pitfalls of being a man. ;)

Me: Reschedule?

I can’t even type the words without a chuckle.

Nerdy Nurse: What would we be if we weren’t rescheduling? Ha! I’m not sure what shift I’ll be on after tonight, so I better not commit quite yet.

Me: A woman after my heart.

Nerdy Nurse: Not exactly what I’m after. Hearts make me squeamish.

Me: Keep talking dirty to me. ;)

Grabbing my things, I manage to get to the car and into the driver’s seat as her chat bubble flickers as she types on her end.

Nerdy Nurse: Blood is pouring onto the floor as we speak. Dirty enough?

Me: Blood makes me squeamish.